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TrakProDJ - Deluxe Edition Setup

Please follow attentively to the following steps to get TrakProDJ-Deluxe Edition up and running with your Traktor DJ session.

Its a fairly simple process that only requires 2 actions which are listed below:

  • Install the TrakProDJ_Deluxe .tsi Traktor Mapping File
  • Establish a Network connection between your device and desktop

Installing the TrakProDJ_Deluxe .tsi Traktor Mapping File

1. Download the .tsi mapping file from our download section. (You need to register with us to download the file)

2. Make sure you select and download the correct version for your current installation of Traktor.

3. Unzip the download and place tsi file in a safe place.

4. Whilst in Traktor click "Preferences"

5. Click "Controller Manager"

6. Click import

7. Locate the TrakProDJ.tsi on your harddrive.

8. Congratulations, you now have the mapping file correctly installed.


Establish a Network Connection between your device and the desktop


1. Launch TrakProDJ on your iOS device

2. Make sure your iOS device is connected to the same wireless network as your computer or set up an adhoc network.

3. On the Mac, open "Audio MIDI Setup". (You can find this using the Spotlight Search)

4. Once within "Audio Midi Setup" , open the "Midi Studio" Window

5. Click the "Network" button.

6. Within the "MIDI Network Setup" window click the "+" in the "My Sessions" tab. (This will create the Network Session)

7. You should now see your iOS device (iPod/iPad/iPhone) listed in the "Directory", simply click to highlight your device and click "Connect" button below.

8. Make Sure "Live Routings" are set to "Network Session 1".

9. You should then see your device listed as a "participant" in the session.

10. Congratulations you have setup your first Network Midi Session and your device is connected to your desktop and ready for action.



Please follow the simple steps to get TrakProDJ up and running on your setup.

1. Download the RTPMidi driver here.

2. Follow the instructions listed here.

If you experience any problems, please contact us using the support email listed in the Contact section of this website.


  • Wednesday, 28 December 2011

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